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Electrostatic ULV Mist Sprayer Machine

It is an Electrostatic ULV mist sprayer suitable for sanitizing and disinfectant purposes. Highly recommended for sanitizing residences, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, banks, offices, embassies, shopping malls, apartments, housing, cinema halls, industries and factories, etc.

Roach Trap

Easy to control Cockroaches in kitchen, restaurant, food store, bakeries, residences, restaurants, etc.

Rat Trapp Mini

to control rat infestations

Rat Trap Max

Rat Trap Box

Pest Killer (Arbuda)

Flyguard (Insect Catcher)

Electronic UV Light Fly Catcher Machine - 4T

Rodent Bait Station

Fly Control Jar with bait

Premise 30.5% SC

(termiticides latest)


(Beta Cyfluthrin 2.45% SC)- water based

Maxforce Forte

(Fipronil Gel 0.05% Gel)

Mosquil (Deltamethrin 2.25% Flow)

(Deltamethrin 2.25% Flow)

Flyquit (Propoxaur 20% EC)

Propoxaur 20% EC (Flyquit)


Termiquit (Imidacloprid 30.5% SC)

Electronic Fly catcher machine - 2T

It is UV light flying insect control machine.

Bird pro spikes

It is pure stainless steel spikes used for pigeon management system, easy to install where pigeon infestations are there.

Rat E2 trap


Mini Gas Fogger Machine

Foot Sprayer Machine

Foot Type

Metal Sprayer machine


Rat Cage